System Keeps Booting Into Safe Mode

by on September 28, 2007

Q: We have a Windows XP computer that the whole family uses and some how we started to get pop-ups on it, which seemed to have caused the computer to boot into “Safe Mode”. We are unable to figure out how to get the computer out of “Safe Mode”, can you please help?

A: In order to leave Windows Safe Mode, you should reboot your computer as you would normally (Start > Shutdown > Reboot). If your computer refuses to boot back into Windows normally and continues to enter Safe Mode, there could be problems with the Operating System. You should try using System Restore to return you PC to a previously healthy state. Essentially you will need to click on Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore, then follow the instructions to return your system to a time or day before your family experienced the pop-ups. Once the system reboots you should be able to boot Windows into normal mode.

If you are unable to restore your system to a previous working state, you may consider backing up your data and running a Repair Installation of Windows.

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