Upgrading RAM

by on September 29, 2007

Q: Is there a product that will allow me to convert two DIMM slots to four using a piggy back component of some sort like they had in the old days?

A: We searched high and low and could not find any such component available. That does not mean one is not available it just means it is going to be difficult to find. If you want to convert your four 512MB DIMM’s into two 1GB DIMM’s you have two other options. The first one is to go to a local computer show and bring your RAM. There will be RAM vendors and depending on the quality of your RAM they might allow you to trade in your RAM for new RAM. There will be a slight cost associated with doing this, in most cases, but it will be less expensive than buying the RAM and having your old RAM sitting around and doing nothing.

Your next option is to try to sell the RAM on ebay, craigslist, or some other method. This will allow you to get some money for your old RAM and you can use that money to upgrade your system to have more RAM.