JavaScript Errors in Internet Explorer

by on October 1, 2007

Q: I am running Windows XP Home Edition and I cannot access certain pages. When I click on the links on these web pages I get a “JavaScript” address in the bottom left status bar of the web browser. What’s causing this?

A: If Internet Explorer is configured incorrectly, some web pages may not load at all. First you should make sure that you have installed all of the available updates to Windows and to Internet Explorer by running Windows Update. Once you have installed all of the updates, try adjusting the Security settings in Internet Explorer.

To get to these settings click on Tools -> Internet Options and then select the Security tab and then lower the Security Level for the browser and click Apply to save the settings. While you are in the Internet Options popup you should also make sure that Javascript is enabled under the Advanced tab. Click on the Custom Llevel button and scroll down to the Scripting section. Make sure that Active Scripting is Enabled and click OK to save the settings. After you restart your browser the changes should take effect. These changes should help you avoid the vast majority of scripting errors you could encounter in Internet Explorer.