Expanding the Range of a Wireless Network

by on October 3, 2007

Q: Can you tell me the difference between 54Mbps and 108 Mbps? I have a dlink DWL-G630 card and am thinking a DWL-G650 card would give me a stronger signal. Is this possible and do you recommend a certain card for obtaining a stronger signal from a longer range? My router in the house is a Linksys but we would like to use the laptop from other buildings on our property?

A: The difference between 54Mbps and 108Mbps is simply the speed of transmission. If your router is capable of 108Mbps wireless data transfer, and your laptop’s wireless card is also capable of 108Mbps transfers, then your wireless data transfers should be that much faster.

The strength of the wireless signal you receive on your laptop depends on several factors. Your Wireless Access Point should be in a clear centralized location within your home, and the fewer obstructions (walls, doors, etc.) between your laptop and the access point will determine how strong the signal is. You should consult the documentation for your router to determine how far it can transmit a signal in an open area. Linksys technical support will be able to help you to determine how to expand the wireless signal across your property. This may require the purchase of additional wireless signal repeaters, antennas, or additional access points.