Problems Converting Video

by on October 3, 2007

Q: I have a Dell computer running Windows Vista and I have 2 plain video files that when I play them on my computer they have audio and no video. So I downloaded Prism Video Converter v 1.04 and I converted them to .mov files but now I have video and no audio. Tech support told me to download a codec but that just made everything more confusing because they didn’t say what to do next after I installed the codec (K-Lite).

A: After you installed the codec that the support technician asked you to install, you would need to convert the videos again. The new codec that has been installed should allow both the audio and video to be converted. If you have additional difficulty you should contact Prism technical support for additional assistance. You also may want to consider other video conversion techniques. You can use Media Convert to convert your video to any of a number of video formats and it is totally free.