Issues After Updating Video Card Driver

by on October 15, 2007

Q: According to my System Info, I am running 2 Graphic Display Drivers. An NVIDIA GE Force and SiS 630/730. After I downloaded a driver update for SiS, the HALO game I play seemed slower and jerky. Can I safely uninstall one of these drivers and use the other?

A: If you are running Windows 2000/XP/Vista, you should be able to safely uninstall both of the drivers at the same time. You can do this in the Device Manager. On most systems, you can access the Device Manager by right clicking on the My Computer icon and selecting Properties from the menu. If you are using 2000/XP, you will also need to left click on the Hardware tab. Once in the Device Manager, look for a category with a title like Display adapters. Find the plus sign to the left of the category title and left click. This should show you all of the video cards installed in your system. Use a right click on one of the cards and select the Uninstall option (notice that Disable is also an option here). Repeat for the other card.

You may need to uninstall software related to your video cards using Add/Remove Hardware in the Control Panel. If you haven’t already been forced to restart your computer at this point, do so now. When your system starts again, Windows should automatically detect your video cards. Try your game now. If it works to your satisfaction, you are finished. If not, use the Device Manager to disable the video card not currently connected to your monitor. Try your game again. If it still fails, install drivers from the manufacturers’ websites (go to the computer manufacturer’s website for any card that originally came with your computer). If the game fails yet again, you may need to do an error correction and defragmentation of your hard drives.