Wireless Devices And Wireless Internet Not Playing Well Together

by on October 16, 2007

Q: This question is regarding losing my wireless Internet connection. When my surround sound system (for my TV) is turned on, the rear speakers are wirelessly controlled. I never ever lost my wireless Internet connection before this sound system was hooked up 3 weeks ago. It seems like I have a wireless signal from my sound system “canceling” the signal my laptop normally picks up. Have you ever heard of this happening and if so, do you have a solution?

A: Cordless phones, wireless Internet, and many of the wireless speakers sold today all communicate on similar frequencies (2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz). If two items are trying to use the same frequency, they might interfere with one another. Luckily, within each frequency there are multiple channels to choose from. Consult the instructions that came with your wireless speakers and wireless Internet hardware to learn how to modify your channel settings on your equipment. On some equipment, it is possible to change the strength of the signal too. Wireless Internet hardware is often on medium strength by default. You may also wish to move your wireless base station further away from your wireless speakers. Please be aware that you will never be able to obtain full sound quality from wireless speakers.