Office XP On Windows Vista

by on October 25, 2007

Q: Can I install Office XP on my new computer with Windows Vista?

A: The answer to your question varies with those whom you ask. If you believe what Microsoft tells its customers, then Office 2003 is the earliest version of Office able to run in Windows Vista. That having been said, Office XP (also known as Office 2002) does work in my 32-bit edition of Windows Vista Ultimate. In my admittedly limited testing of Excel 2002, Outlook 2002, PowerPoint 2002, and Word 2002, the only problem I encountered was a crash during the installation of optional Media Content. Restarting my computer and trying again resulted in a successful installation of the Media Content.

You may still want to watch for malfunctions in Outlook 2002 though, as it interacts with Windows in a slightly more intricate way than the other Office XP applications mentioned above. Office XP seems to cooperate well with Microsoft Update in Windows Vista. Microsoft Update allows Windows to automatically apply patches to Office when it searches for operating system updates.

I would like to advise you to stay away from Microsoft Office 2007! There is a well documented error in Excel 2007 that makes me ponder what other mistakes may exist in the 2007 version of Office. Also, Windows Vista is rather unstable compared to Windows XP. If you haven’t purchased your new computer yet, I recommend that you consider Windows XP instead of Windows Vista. And finally, if you are not satisfied with the performance of Office XP in Windows Vista, you need not purchase a newer version of Microsoft Office. Try a free suite of programs called OpenOffice instead.

One Response to “Office XP On Windows Vista”

    when i insert my disk for office xp, the
    disk runs briefly, but nothing shows up on
    the screen to start the install. what now??? I do have recently purchased
    vista on my hp.