Norton program is blocking Limewire

by on November 7, 2007

Q: I have recently installed the latest version of Norton Antivirus and yesterday when I opened LimeWire I clicked on always block and now even though I can access the site I cannot get any search results. LimeWire says: “LimeWire is currently disconnecting and you may not return many search results until you are fully connected!” Please help me figure out how to unblock LimeWire.

A: Your frustration is very typical for users of Norton products. Like you, I have found Norton product to be very difficult to use. The behavior that you describe sounds like something that Norton Internet Security 2008 would do. I believe that Norton Antivirus available by itself, or as a part of Internet Security.

Symantec, the company behind Norton products, has an article entitled How to add a program rule to the Program Control list in Norton Internet Security 2008. That solution should almost fix your problem. Let’s change the procedure slightly for your problem:

  1. The first thing that you should do is start Norton Internet Security. You should be able find the program in your Start Menu.
  2. You should see a tab called Norton Internet Security.
  3. Now click on Settings.
  4. Find the category called Web Browsing and click on the sub-category called Personal Firewall.
  5. Click on the option that says Configure.
  6. Look to the left and go Personal Firewall -> Program Control.
  7. We want to modify an existing program rule instead of adding a new program to the list. So find any entries pertaining to LimeWire.
  8. There should be drop-down menus next to each program. You will have choices similar to Allow, Block or Custom. Choose Allow for all of LimeWire entries.
  9. Restart your computer so that your new settings can take effect.
  10. Note: After LimeWire is working again; you may want to return to the list and choose Custom to enhance your security.

I feel compelled to mention that Norton products are not as good as many of the programs that are now available for free on the internet. See the review of Norton Antivirus 2008 for a similar viewpoint. For firewall protection, I recommend a product called ZoneAlarm Free Firewall. For your antivirus needs, consider using Avast! 4 Home Edition. Both of these programs are wonderful and are free for most users.