Difference Between PlayStation 3 Configurations

by on November 8, 2007

Q: I’m looking to buy a PlayStation 3 console (PS3) but don’t understand what the difference will be between a 20GB, 40GB or 60GB console. I understand this will have something to do with the memory. I will mainly be using the console for gaming, and maybe a few films and music, but not an awful lot. What will the difference be in real terms between these specs? Is the 20GB console not as good as 60GB quality wise? And will the graphics etc. be different between these consoles?

A: The differences between Sony PlayStation 3 models are difficult to understand! But Wikipedia has created an awesome table explaining the different configuration options. This table is found in the Retail configurations section of Wikipedia’s PlayStation 3 article. According to this table, there are only two hardware configurations currently being sold (40GB and 80GB).

The 40GB model is not able to play PlayStation 2 (PS2) games! In my opinion, the lack of this feature is purely a marketing move by Sony, seeing as it is achieved through software emulation in the 80GB model. That is, it would not have required any additional hardware to make the 40GB PS3 able to play PS2 games. It is possible that Sony might choose to provide this emulation software as part of some future software update. But I doubt it. It appears that the 40GB PS3 does support games made for the original PlayStation (PS1). Nevertheless, the lack of PS2 support is disappointing to say the least. This model costs 399USD in the United States.

The 80GB model features PS2 compatibility! It also offers the following advantages to the 40GB version: a flash card reader, SACD playback abilities, and two more USB 2.0 ports. Of course, it also has a larger hard drive. If you plan to do anything other than playing games and watching Blu-ray movies, you will appreciate the larger hard drive. This model costs 499USD in the United States.

In conclusion, I recommend that you spend the extra money on the 80GB version of the PS3. Considering that many Blu-ray players cost more than the 80GB PS3, I think that you will find the 499USD money well spent.