Watching Satellite TV On A Trucker’s Laptop

by on November 9, 2007

An Into Tomorrow listener submitted the following question!

Q: I am interested in finding software that will allow viewing of satellite TV channels on my laptop using the internet. I am a long distance truck driver and locating TV stations is very difficult.

A: Since you are a trucker and your time is extra precious, you won’t want to waste your efforts going to websites that only work 50% of the time, or downloading programs that make empty promises of hundreds of interesting channels. None of these will give you access to the major TV networks; and applications such as iTunes do not provide live programming — just pre-recorded content.

An internet-based solution that appears to be highly favored by truckers is the use of the internet as a sort of bridge to connect the laptop in your truck to a TV or computer in your house. This is often rather inexpensive as satellite and cable companies will usually connect additional rooms in your house for a small monthly fee. Here’s a list of services for you to consider:

Some satellite services allow an “RVer” to take his or her satellite box from home and temporarily transfer it to an RV. If the internet solution does not work for you, then you may be able to borrow a box from your home and put it in your truck (obviously this won’t work if you only get cable at home). Then you would have to mount an appropriate dish or antenna on your truck. If you don’t have satellite or cable service at home, your best solution is to get a satellite subscription plus satellite dish and box for your truck.