Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combination Separation

by on November 9, 2007

Q: If you buy a wireless keyboard and mouse combo, but want to use the mouse on a different computer, can you buy the wireless receiver separately (I can not seem to find it online) and if not, can you get a used one of a different brand and it will work?

A: Wireless keyboard/mouse combos work off of a single USB receiver. Because of this, you cannot separate the two devices; you can use the mouse or keyboard on its own as long as the USB receiver is plugged into the machine. However, this renders the device not being used obsolete, as it cannot be moved to another machine because the USB receiver is working with the other device. Also, USB receivers are programmed to work with the device they come with, making it nearly impossible to use them with other products. My advice would be to purchase an additional inexpensive keyboard or mouse to use separately from the combo.

I hope this advice helps.