How To Remove Mal-Heuri/E

by on November 12, 2007

Q: I have Spy Sweeper by Webroot installed and it has detected a behavioral risk called Mal-Heuri/E. It cannot be quarantined and I’d like advice on the best way to remove it.

A: The problem with computer viruses/spyware/malware is that even if you can remove them, oftentimes the changes that they have made to your system cannot be repaired without reinstalling Microsoft Windows. I recommend that you read the thread entitled Constant DDOS attacks at TechSoup’s Community Discussions to learn more about one of many bad things that can happen even after a Mal/Heuri-E infection has been removed from a system. Reformatting is always the best way to proceed when your Windows computer has contracted a virus, spyware, or malware. In your case, it is likely the only way to restore your system’s security:

  1. My first suggestion is to backup all of your important files to CD, DVD, or an external drive. Do not backup any of the files that Spy Sweeper has reported as being infected.
  2. Then reformat your entire computer. The best way to reformat a hard drive is called “writing zeros”. Gateway Computers provides a free utility called GWSCAN that will write zeros to most computers. Do not download this program using your infected computer because you will risk reinfecting your machine. Instead, use a computer that you know is virus-free.
  3. Use the operating system disk or system restore disks that came with your computer to reinstall Microsoft Windows. If you do not have such disks, you can usually order them for a small fee from your computer’s manufacturer. Some companies may even send the disks for free. Do not use any of the system restore programs that are built into your computer. Otherwise, you risk possible reinfection.
  4. Once you have reinstalled Windows, do not transfer your own files to the computer until you have applied all security updates and installed antivirus/spyware/malware and firewall programs. Scan your backup media for security threats before transferring your files to the computer. Two free programs that I really like are Avast! 4 Home Edition (antivirus) and ZoneAlarm Free Firewall. Both of these products offer live protection against many security threats.

That’s it. Your computer should now be virus-free!

2 Responses to “How To Remove Mal-Heuri/E”

    You could also try the program called “Hijack This”.
    Then submit the log results to a good help forum. It takes a lil work to get your puter clean. But it can be another option to a re-install.


    Greetings douchrti: Thanks for the tip! It seems to me like HijackThis attempts to repair damage that has been done to the Windows Registry. That is certainly what needs to be done after a virus has infected a Windows-based computer. But consider this… Steve Ballmer (CEO of Microsoft) once tried for an entire weekend to clean an infected Windows computer. When he failed, he actually took the machine into Microsoft headquarters and had “a team of top engineers” examine the computer. Apparently, the team of engineers eventually gave up too. My feeling is if a team from Microsoft cannot clean an infected PC, what hope is there for a normal user?