Internet Connection Speeds

by on November 13, 2007

Q: What is the fastest internet connection speed?

A: Hello! Broadband, or high-speed Internet, provides the fastest Internet connection speed. Generally, any connection speed of higher than 256 kbit/s is considered high speed. Broadband connection speeds are as follows:

Line Speed (in Mbits/second)
DS-1/T-1 1.544
E-1 2.048
DS-3 44.736
OC-3 155.52
OC-12 622.08

So to answer your question, the fasted Internet speed is 622 Mbits/second, but you will probably only be able to find something like a DS-1 line with a connection speed of 1.544 Mbits/second; plenty fast for most everything you would want to do.

Hope this information helps.

One Response to “Internet Connection Speeds”

    isn’t the fastest internet is “Fiber Optics” Internet (FTTH)?? It’s available in Japan and some areas in U.S . In Japan it’s speed is 100mbps~200mbps, I have heard that the actual speed would be 60 mbps (max)