Remove WINANTIVIRUS PRO 2007 Virus

by on November 13, 2007

Q: My computer caught a virus and I do not know how to uninstall the WINANTIVIRUS PRO 2007 that I think has gotten into my system and is causing fake warnings and interruptions.

A: WinAntiVirusPro is spyware whose purpose is to fool you into purchasing fake security software! You probably downloaded it while trying to watch a video on the internet. Wikipedia has an article called WinFixer describing this particular class of spyware in more detail. You’ll notice that completely removing such spyware programs is basically impossible.

A little-known secret about computer viruses/spyware/malware is that they often make changes to your system as soon as they activate. Removing a computer infection will get rid of the infection itself, but probably not the changes that the infection has made to your computer. These changes will often leave you vulnerable to future attacks by additional viruses/spyware/malware. This is certainly true of WinAntiVirusPro. The best course of action is to totally reinstall Windows. Here is a procedure for you to follow:

  1. Backup all of your files to CD, DVD, or an external drive. Try not to backup any files that have been infected!
  2. From an uninfected computer, download the free GWSCAN utility from Gateway Computers.
  3. Use GWSCAN to “write zeros” to your computer. This will erase everything on your computer better than a normal reinstall would.
  4. Reinstall Windows using the operating system disk or system restore disks that came with your computer. Do not use any system restore utility that is built into your computer, as that might allow your computer to be reinfected. If you do not already have them, your computer’s manufacturer for a small fee — or even for free in some cases can probably ship the disks that you need to you.
  5. Do not return your files to the computer until you have applied all security updates and installed antivirus/spyware/malware and firewall software. Use security programs to scan your backup media for security threats before bringing your files back to the computer. I recommend Avast! 4 Home Edition (antivirus) and ZoneAlarm Free Firewall. Both of these programs work great and are free for most users.

I know that it is time consuming to do a complete reinstall of Windows. But it is the best way to insure that all traces of the infection are eliminated.