Adding email accounts to Outlook Express

by on November 14, 2007

Q: I have added email accounts to my Outlook Express in Microsoft Windows but I cannot receive messages into my inbox or even view them in this program. Is there a setup process I am missing?

A: First, make sure that your email provider allows you to use Outlook Express. For example, the free version of Yahoo! Mail does not allow users in the United States to read or send emails in Outlook Express. The free version of Windows Live Hotmail allows some email programs to read and send emails, but not Outlook Express. Workarounds for these restrictions are available on the internet. But I do not suggest using them for security reasons — you don’t want others to know your passwords. Programs like Google’s Gmail allow users to read and send emails using Outlook Express.

Entering your email address and password is not enough to give you access to your email account in Outlook Express. You must also enter server settings. Each email provider uses its own server settings. So I cannot give you any specific instructions. But you can take a look at the general overview from Microsoft called Setting Up Mail Servers in Outlook Express. To give you a better idea of what to expect, you might also want to look at the Gmail Help Center’s articles on POP for Outlook Express and IMAP for Outlook Express. POP and IMAP are the two most popular methods for sending and receiving emails in programs like Outlook Express. POP is easier to use and better supported than IMAP in most situations.

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