Installation Of Adobe Flash Player Fails

by on November 14, 2007

Q: I downloaded Adobe Flash Player and it says successfully downloaded. However, every time I’m told I need to download flash player so I do it again but it doesn’t take. I’ve tried the troubleshooting steps from Adobe and it still won’t work. I have Windows XP Pro and high speed internet.

A: One suggestion that has been made in multiple posts on Adobe’s Macromedia Web Players Support Forums is to make sure that the “Adobe add-ons” are enabled in Internet Explorer. You should be able to access add-ons in Internet Explorer by going Tools -> add-ons. Enable the Adobe add-ons and then try to view the Flash content on Just in case the add-ons idea fails to solve your problem, here are some additional aspects of the installation procedure to consider:

  1. Did you notice the Information Bar? Flash Player will not install unless you allow the installation by clicking in the Information Bar.
  2. Are you installing Flash Player using the official Get Adobe Flash Player link? If not, you may be trying to install an unsupported version of Flash. Always install codec’s like Flash from their official websites.
  3. You mention that you have tried some Adobe troubleshooting tips. But Adobe has recently updated the article called Troubleshoot Adobe Flash Player installation for Windows. Pay special attention to the If the ActiveX Control for Flash Player fails to install, download the executable installer section.
  4. Your firewall or antivirus software could be interfering with the installation. They might also have allowed the installation, but have prevented the Flash Player from connecting to the internet. This would make websites believe that Flash Player had not been installed. Consult the documentation and/or websites of your firewall and antivirus for specific details.

Lots of other users appear to be having problems installing Flash Player, just like you. I wish you luck solving this difficult issue.