Configuring A Linksys Router For Secure WiFi

by on November 15, 2007

Q: I have Windows XP Home Edition on my desktop and my network is setup using a Linksys router with WiFi, but when I set it up I did not configure it to be secured. How can I correct this?

A: Having a secure WiFi network is a must! But without the exact model number of your Linksys hardware, it is impossible for me to give you a specific answer. See below for some general tips:

  1. Visit You should notice some tabs at the top of the webpage. Go Support -> Technical Support. You can the try: Ask Linksys (get an automated answer to your question based on the model number of your Linksys hardware), Live Chat (chat online with a Linksys representative), or download one of the EasyLink Home Networking Tools (programs that can help you to configure your Linksys hardware).
  2. Is there a Linksys icon in the system tray (lower right where the clock is)? If so, right-click on it and see what options the Linksys software gives you. You also might want to go Start Menu -> All Programs and look for an icon having to do with your Linksys hardware.
  3. Have you tried using any of the disks that came with your Linksys hardware?
  4. Some Linksys hardware will allow you to configure the connection from within Internet Explorer (or other internet browser). Consult the documentation that came with your Linksys hardware for more information.

There are two popular types of wireless security, WEP and WPA.

  1. The older and less secure of the two methods is WEP. Despite what the names suggest, WEP Shared is less secure than WEP Open. Variations of WEP include: WEP2, WEPplus, and Dynamic WEP.
  2. The newer and more secure method of securing a WiFi network is WPA. Most hardware now supports WPA and/or WPA2, but some older hardware/software does not. I believe that WPA2 is currently the most secure option.

Good luck!