Transfering files from XP to Vista

by on November 21, 2007

Q: How do I transfer my Windows music files from my Windows XP computer to my Windows Vista computer?

A: There are many ways for you to transfer your music from XP to Vista, although I don’t recommend using Vista. XP is much more stable! Microsoft has created a program called Windows Easy Transfer that is supposed to make it simple to transfer music and other files to a new computer. I have never used this program. But it is probably worth a try if you are using Windows Media Player for your music.

You have other options too. Of course, you can use a CD burner to save your music to CDs. On many Windows XP computers, this can be achieved by dragging your music files to the CD burner icon in My Computer. Once you have the files there double click on the CD burner and choosing “Write these files to CD” of the left side of the window. If you have a DVD burner and DVD burning software on your XP computer, you can burn your music to DVDs. If you have lots of songs, both of these methods could take a long time.

An option that you might find easier than burning is to transfer your songs to an external hard drive, memory card, or USB flash drive. Just drag the music to the external drive/card from your XP machine. Then connect the external drive/card to your Vista machine, and drag the files to the folder of your choice on the Vista computer. Finally, you could setup a home network. But I would not recommend that procedure unless you are an advance computer user.

Once the music files are in your Vista computer, you will probably need to add them to your music software’s library. In iTunes, you can go File => Add Folder to Library. In Windows Media Player, go Library => Add to Library. Both of these programs will also allow you to change the location of your music folder if you wish. Other music programs behave similarly.

I hope that you find my answer to be informative.