Downloading Videos To A Zune

by on November 25, 2007

Q: I have a Zune MP3 player. How do I download videos?

A: You should visit Microsoft’s How to update to the current Zune device software version webpage to make sure that your Zune has the latest firmware. Firmware tells your Zune’s software and hardware how to interact. Without the latest firmware from Microsoft, you will not be able to play certain types of video files. Wikipedia has a very informative page about the Zune that discusses video formats, among other things. The process of getting videos for your

Now you are ready to download videos to your Zune. Microsoft provides a couple of ways to download video content to your Zune. You can do this using the Zune Marketplace and the desktop software that connects your computer to your Zune. As I understand the service, video podcasts will be free. But most other videos will cost money. Microsoft also offers a service called soapbox on msn, which is similar in many ways to YouTube. The soapbox service features videos made by “everyday people” like you and me.

If you would rather transfer other video files to your Zune, you should read the Microsoft article entitled How to convert video files to a file type that is supported by the Zune software and the Zune device for more information. Basically, you will need to convert the video files into a format that the Zune can understand. Currently, Zune players support WMV, MPEG-4 and H.264 video files. Microsoft recommends using Windows Movie Maker or Windows Media Encoder for the task of converting videos. If neither of those programs will work with your collection of video files, or if you want to rip DVDs to your Zune, search for the appropriate software.

It is worth noting that something strange happened to me while researching this answer. I was at the official Zune website. And then I got a popup from another website claiming that my Windows Vista computer was infected with spyware, which it was not. The official Zune website was the only page open in my web browser when I got this warning. Perhaps the Zune website has been hacked… In any event, make sure that you have current antivirus and firewall software installed on your computer before going online.

Good luck!

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    Hello Everyone: I got a call today from a friend telling me that she was redirected to a FALSE security website while she was using Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger. This is similar to what happened to me while I was researching the Microsoft Zune. Never trust a website that tells you that your computer is infected! Use software such as Avast (antivirus) and ZoneAlarm (firewall) to determine the security status of your computer. Best Regards, Robert