Contra Virus 2.0 Removal

by on November 29, 2007

Q: I have a problem and need your help. By mistake, I downloaded a program and now I can’t get rid of it. It is called ContraVirus 2.0. I have done everything I can to remove it, but it replicates itself and so is still there. My Windows One Care tells me that it is removing it, but does not do the job. Windows One care calls it: program/win32/contravirus. Can you help?

A: Hi Mark. I understand your frustration. ContraVirus 2.0 is a possible rouge anti-spyware program that installs itself on your system through web security holes or trojans. Contra Virus will launch itself upon Windows startup and may cause things such as slowness and excessive pop-up windows. Contra Virus works by showing you false security alerts and notify you about non-existent malware or spyware on your system that can only be removed by downloading the “full” version of Contra Virus for $39.95. All together annoying stuff.

You can remove Contra Virus from your computer manually, but it is much faster and easier to use a trusted spyware removal program to do the job for you; removing all of the bits and pieces of Contra Virus can be darn near impossible. My favorite spyware removal program is Spybot, but there are several good, free or inexpensive programs that will do the trick for you. One great place to find such programs is, which is brought to you by CNet, one of the most trusted names in technology.

Once you download Spybot or your chosen alternative, you will be amazed at the crud the program finds on your computer. Let Spybot do its thing, remove everything that it tells you to, and you should be good to go. But wait; most programs like Contra Virus are written for Internet Explorer. So, if this is what you are using, download Firefox or Netscape and use it instead of Internet Explorer whenever you can. Firefox and Netscape are far less prone to security flaws making things like trojans and malware less likely to end up on your machine.

And of course update your anti-virus software. Be it Norton, McAfee, or another program, use something. The Web is a dangerous place these days, as you have seen with your recent run in. Also, since you currently subscribe to Windows One Care, I would contact their customer support to see if they can help you and at the very least let them know that their product, which you are paying for, did not do the job for you.

I hope this information helps! Good luck!

2 Responses to “Contra Virus 2.0 Removal”

    Well i just wanted to say i dont want your contra virus to keep poping on my computer i never asked for it and now i cant get it off my computer….I dont have any viruses on my computer being that its brand new….plus i have a anti virus on and installed so please tell me how to get your program off my computer permenetly Thank you Andrea



    The contra virus is not something we created. It is a virus that was created by an unknown person and is transmitted from unprotected computer to unprotected computer.

    The fact that your computer is new does not mean you wont have viruses. It is actually a well known fact that lots of software now ships with viruses because the people who put the software together have a virus on their system without knowing.

    It is not for lack of having virus protection but it takes virus companies a little while to find out that a virus exists and then they have to figure out how to remove it. Then they have to ship out the updates to their software to remove the new virus. From here the user has to get the new update.

    This process could take a month or more depending on how damage the virus causes. So just because your computer is new does not mean you wont have a virus.

    Our instructions above should help you remove the virus from your new computer.

    Happy Holidays.