Putting Music On A Motorola Razr V3xx

by on November 30, 2007

Q: I am unable to download music to my Motorola Razr V3xx and I have made multiple attempts. Napster site does not recognize phone. I have tried to drag and drop to card reader music will transfer but phone states file not supported. I am utilizing a 1gb microSD card. I have read all the tutorials and tried Windows Media Player as well as Yahoo Music. I have researched Forums from AT&T and Motorola as well as doing an extensive on line search and still no luck.

A: The first thing I want to point out is that the Moto Razr V3xx is very unique in that you actually do not need to use a card reader to transfer your music or other files to the microSD card. This is nice because you do not need to take the card out and put it into an external card reader.

To transfer directly to your microSD card over the USB connection you to need go to Settings -> Connection -> USB Settings and change it from Default Connection to Memory Card. Now not all Moto Razr V3’s support this from what I can tell only the V3xx supports this so that is nice.

Now to your real problem, trying to get the music that you transfer onto your phone to actually play. We also spent a few hours doing some research and only 1 site made reference to the V3xx supporting Napster and Yahoo music services. No other sites at all make reference to this and in particular Motorola’s site, Napsters site, and Yahoo make no reference, which makes us think it does not support them.

What Motorola’s site does say is that the V3xx supports MP3 files and AAC files and that the phone does not support bit rates of higher than 128 kbps for MP3 files so you will want to make sure you are not trying to play files that are encoded in higher quality.

The bad news is that Napster and Yahoo music files are WMA files and since Motorola’s site says nothing about this phone supporting WMA files our guess is that the phone does not support those files so you wont be able to use them.

So what can you do exactly from here? Well that is some what a loaded question because you need to do whatever you need to do to get AAC files, so using iTunes to convert CD’s to AAC files or to MP3 files. You can buy MP3s from walmart.com or from Amazon.com but you will need to make sure that the bit rates are 128 kpbs and the problem is a lot of the ones on Amazon.com are 256 kbps so you would have to convert them to 128 kpbs which is outside the scope of this answer but iTunes and other pieces of software should allow you to easily convert.

So to quickly sum this up the V3xx has a great feature that allows you to upload your files to it without using a card reader. This is certainly a great feature of the phone. The phone supports AAC files and MP3 files that have a bit rate of and lower. The phone does not support WMA files so this means you cannot use Yahoo or Napster.

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    you paid for copyrighted material from Napster. napster doesn’t recognize your phone as a music player, so to protect copyright crap, it won’t load music (wma is the format my razr plays, NOT mp3).

    you should demand a refund for all napster charges if you used a credit card because you paid for rights to play music that you are being denied.

    this is music industry over protectionism causing you to NOT get what you paid them for.



    I am not sure what version of the phone you have but on motorola’s website about the 3Vxx says it plays MP3’s and AAC. It says nothing about WMA.

    With that said you might try to do something to get your money back from Napster but it probably wont be very easy and their response will probably be something like, “We explained what phones we support.”.



    I just went through this exercise and am happy to report some details on getting your music onto a RAZR. I bought a 1GB and have it loaded with my music. I wish I had bought 2GB. 1Gb will be nice, but I easily exceeded that amount and had to pair back with just ad ecent sampling of my favorite tunes.
    1. Do what people have said – load the empty microSD card into your phone, and go to Settings&Tools/System/Device Info/StorageDevices/SD card (mine actually listed as “TRANS T-Flash” and then choose Options and Format. This creates the folders on the micro SD card.
    2. I have not managed to get the USB hookup to work proerly on my computer to show the phone and card as a removable disk, so I then I took out the card and loaded it into a USB memory card adapater. Just as easy in my mind.
    3. After lots of hair pulling and reading and swearing, I finally realized that my RAZR doesn;t want me to put MP3s on the card. It wants WMAs. Someone else said this and it proved true for me. That’s all the phone we see and library. If you are stuck try putting a few of each type on your card and see wht the phone recognizies.
    3. Knowing that I had to have WMAs, I downloaded a free converter program that created wma files from my mp3s. Then you just copy those onto the card.
    4. Put the card back in your RAZR and turn it on and go to My Music by going through Get Tunes and then choose My Music. It’ll add the songs to your library and do that each time you insert the card.
    5. I bought some Motorola ROKR bluetooth headphones and finally I have what I have been looking for for years. One device giving me what I want to carry with nme at times – tunes and phone.
    Screw the iPod and that freaking hard drive (heavy and fails), the micro SD cards are the greatest – just amazing – only as big a fingernail.


    Update: First converter did not produce playable files. Second one obtained at http://www.download.com/3000-2140_4-10745045.html produced LARGER files than their mp3 source files at their default settings, so 2GB really becomes desirable. I will be playing aroudn with the output format alittle bit to see if I can create smaller and usable files.





    First typing in all caps usually means you are yelling and is usually considered bad form on the internet so you know for the future.

    Everything we have read about the M505 error leads us to believe that most phones that get it are shipped defective. The problem, in at least some cases, is that where you put your memory card is missing some pins. So you will want to take out your memory card, get a flashlight or be in a place where there is good lighting, and make sure there is a pin on your phone for each of the stripes on your memory card. If any of the pins are missing then this will explain your problem and you will need to bring your phone back and exchange it.




    thanks i’ll check it out and if it is missing some stripes i’ll return it




    I have run into the same issue, however, if you purchase “All music converter” from http://www.allmusicconverter.com/ you can convert all of your Napster music to your phone. Granted, it is a hassle. You download from Napster, open the ripper, convert it, then transfer via Windows Media player to your phone.

    You will have two copies of the song – choose wisely. The expensive upgrade that offers faster conversions is not worth the money – stick with the basic.

    Currently, this is the only solution I know of, but it does work.


    Simply format your memory card before you transfer ANY file to your V3xx. Enjoy 🙂