Viewing The Contents On A Windows XP Computer

by on December 2, 2007

Q: I am running Windows XP and I would like to see what is on my hard drive. How do I go about doing this?

A: The first and simplest thing you will want to do is to view all the programs on your computer. To do this go to Start -> All Programs. This will show you all the programs that have been installed on your computer that you will likely want to use.

The next step would be to look at all the files you have associated with your account. To do this you will want to go to Start and then from there either select My Documents, My Pictures, or My Music. This will allow you to see the majority of the files you will be interested in.

Now to browse your entire computer to see every single possible file on it you will want to go to Start -> My Computer. From here you will want to select the Local Disk (C:) drive and have fun going though all the different folders on your computer.