Replacing A Laptop Keyboard Due To Fading Letters And Numbers

by on December 6, 2007

Q: I have a laptop and the letters and numbers on the keyboard are fading off. Is there anyway I can replace the keys or the whole keyboard?

A: Depending on the model laptop you have you can either replace the keyboard yourself very easily or you will have to have the manufacturer replace it for you. For example I have a PowerBook G4 and the keyboard can only be replaced by Apple, while my wife has a G4 MacBook and her keyboard easily comes off by pressing two latches on the top of the keyboard. This makes it so you can contact the manufacturer and order the keyboard and install it yourself without having to send away your computer.

So just take a minute and look at your laptop’s keyboard. Look at the top of the keyboard and see if it looks like there are any latches or parts that can be removed. A lot of time you have to remove the keyboard to upgrade your RAM on your laptop so if you go to the manufacturers website and look up upgrading RAM you will most likely find directions on how to remove the keyboard.

In the end you will have to contact the manufacturer to order a new keyboard though so you could even save yourself some time and energy and just call them up directly. They will need your laptop model number and they will explain to you how to find it. From there just tell them you want to know if your keyboard is user replaceable. If it is tell them you want to order a new keyboard.