Install Two Different Versions Of QuickBooks On The Same Computer

by on December 10, 2007

Q: Can I use 2 versions of QuickBooks on my computer, for example 2003 & 2005?

A: What an interesting question! First, confirm whether or not QuickBooks 2005 duplicates the functionality that you plan to use in QuickBooks 2003. You may not even need to install the 2003 version at all.

If you discover that you need two versions of QuickBooks, you should be able to install both of them on one computer. It is worth mentioning here that this does not work in reverse. That is to say, you generally cannot install the same QuickBooks program on multiple computers. That could constitute a violation of your software license. During my research, I came across a post at the QuickBooks Community Forums entitled Two versions of QB on one computer. It is suggested that two versions of QuickBooks can be installed on the same computer if the programs are installed in different locations on your hard drive. During the installation process, each of the QuickBooks installers should ask for you to choose an install location on your computer’s hard drive.

However, there is one restriction mentioned in the aforementioned forum. You may not be able to install two programs from the same year onto your computer. The example used in the forums of a situation that will not work is QuickBooks 2004 Pro and QuickBooks 2004 Premier Contractors. Those two programs cannot be installed at the same time on the same computer because they are from the same year.

I really hope that this information answers your question!