Transparent Office Applications On My Desktop

by on December 12, 2007

Q: A former coworker used to have a transparent textbox on her desktop (just like a shortcut/icon) with office information on it. When she scrolled her mouse over the box it became more solid enabling her to read it. We were using Windows2000 at the time. Any idea how I can get this same type of box on my home computer?

A: Hello! It sounds like your coworker is using one of the many available programs that work with Office to show calendar appointments, notes and other Office features on the user’s desktop rather than in the native application. One such product is NVN (for Outlook) 2.07. The screen shots on the company’s website look exactly like what you are describing; translucent windows that solidify when they are moused-over, Office information included in the transparent windows.

According to the website, NVN (for Outlook) displays appointments and tasks on your desktop while keeping your entire desktop visible. The website lists the following as features for NVN (for Outlook):

− Direct access to calendar appointments with the click of a mouse
− Calendar customization
− Email browsing
− Outlook Tasks integration

This program seems to do everything that you mention in your post. The software costs $17, so is relatively inexpensive. Download it and see if it is what you are looking for. If it isn’t maybe it will be something that you like for its own merits!

I hope this application is what you are looking for! Good luck!