Wireless Networking For Xbox, PS3, And Other Gamming Systems

by on January 8, 2008

Q: Seems I’ve had a number of people ask me how to hook their gaming systems up to the Internet. They’ve asked about wireless options. I know a lot about computers and a little about wireless but nothing about games. One instance is the individual has their computer room in one end of their house while the Xbox is in their living room, which is on the other end of the house. This is about 100 feet distance. I guess my primary question is if there is a good wireless device that would work for this need. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

A: There are wireless game adapters that are perfect options for this. Two examples are Microsoft Wireless-G Xbox Adapter and the Linksys WGA54G Wireless-G Gaming Adapter. With these you would simply plug the adapter into your Xbox or other gaming system and do minimal setup steps. You would already have to have a wireless network setup though if not then you of course would need to get a wireless router and get the wireless network setup as well. In all setting making a gamming system wireless is a simple process if you get the right equipment.