Wireless Headset Options

by on January 10, 2008

Q: I have been looking for a wireless headset for a lady hard of hearing at our church and was wondering which of these three is more secure and all around the best, a Bluetooth wireless headset/receiver, an Infrared 95khz wireless headset, or just a regular wireless headset. P.S. We wanted something that wouldn’t be picked up by other people outside the building

A: For her needs I would recommend a regular wireless headset. Infrared is good sound quality but it requires line of sight which will limit its placement. Bluetooth is good however since people know how to hack into Bluetooth technology it’s not completely secure, although I doubt there any hackers who will have a need to listen in. Regular wireless is as secure as a cordless phone. The reason I say I would go with that is simply because it is a cheaper option. Blue tooth headsets and transmitters are still quite pricey.