Quad Core Vs. Dual Core

by on January 11, 2008

Q: I am building a computer and was wondering what processor would be better and Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 2.66GHz or a Quad Q6600 2.4 GHz; they are both selling for the same price. I wont be playing any games on the computer, but will be using Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 and Photoshop Elements 5.0 to edit and create DVD home movies. I will be installing Vista Home Premium on the computer.

A: A quad core processor is a good solution if you are going to use multiple programs at the same time or if you will be using multimedia software. If you were going to be using your computer for video games then you would want to go with the faster chip and you would not worry about how many cores.

Either chip will be good but if they are the same price go with the quad core. When you get Vista familiarize with the setting for multi core processors. Having a dual or quad core processor is only useful if you set it up and use it properly. Think the difference between Tim Allen on Home Improvement and MacGyver.

One Response to “Quad Core Vs. Dual Core”

    first off dont get a e6700, if anything get a e6750 its cheaper and its got a faster fsb (1333 vs 1066) which dosent make too much difference but, like i said its cheaper. actually a lot cheaper at this time its about 190 vs 250-275. < thats alot to me dont know about you. but personally with you usage id go with the quad if you have the money. and if you want make sure you get a good quality mother board and put a little overclock on it. good luck with the build.