WordPerfect AutoSave And Page Numbering

by on January 15, 2008

Q: A couple of days ago I saved a document in Word Perfect that I update every couple of days. I added page numbering to the document for the 1st time that day. When I finished and saved it I noticed that the page numbering started on one of the middle pages in the document instead of the beginning so I must have inserted it on the wrong page. I tried to fix it but it would not change, so I went into the document today to update it and all of the information from the middle on is no longer there. There are several pages of work missing. I searched everywhere and the info seems to be deleted. I got an error message from Dell saying that a trouble ticket will be submitted because there has been an error with the file. I would like to know if I can retrieve the previous saved information that was saved a couple days prior to the last day I saved.

A: Hello there. I am sorry that you are having trouble with your document. It sounds like you have a couple of things going on here. The first issue seems to be with the document itself. For whatever reason, the new information you entered in the document was not saved, or some of the existing information was inadvertently deleted. Without more information I am not certain why the document ended up as it did. However, there are a couple of things we can do from this point.

WordPerfect can automatically save your documents while you are working on them, not just when you click Save. Because of this feature, we can check and see if WordPerfect has created an AutoSave file of your document. To retrieve an AutoSave file, select Tools/Settings (Edit/Preferences in WordPerfect 7 or earlier). Double click Files. Look in the Backup Folder. Your document should be listed here. If an earlier version of your document is not listed, then you may not have AutoSave enabled.

If you don’t already have WordPerfect set to automatically backup your documents, you can do so easily. To access the AutoSave feature, select Tools/Settings (Edit/Preferences in WordPerfect 7 or earlier). Double click Files. Make sure that the checkbox next to Timed Document Backup… is checked. Set the save interval to the desired length. Once you have everything as you want, select Apply, and OK.

This should take care of the saving issue you are having. We can look at page numbers now.

WordPerfect has one of the most dynamic page numbering features available. Because of this, page numbering can be a bit tricky. There are a few different ways to add page numbers to your documents in WordPerfect, but generally the basic method is sufficient for most people.

To add page numbers in WordPerfect, select Format -> Page -> Numbering. The Select Page Numbering screen opens. On this screen you can set the number position and page number format; there is even a preview feature on this screen that shows you a sample of what your numbering scheme looks like. You can also change the value and font. Select the appropriate settings and click OK. This method of adding page numbers is generally sufficient for most basic needs.

Once you have added page numbers, maybe you don’t want them to show up on every page. This is a pretty common need, especially for title pages, and other front matter. WordPerfect has a nifty little tool built in specifically for this purpose, Suppress. To use the Suppress feature, place your cursor on the page where you don’t want the page number to appear. Next, select Format -> Page -> Suppress. The Suppress dialog box will open. Here, you have the option of suppressing various things-headers, footers, watermarks, etc.-including page numbers. Select Page numbering from the list and click OK; simple as that, your page number will disappear.

Since you are having an issue with page numbers “starting” on pages in the middle of your document, I would bet that the Suppress feature was used on some of the pages in the document, probably without your knowing. To see if this is the case, simply go to the pages missing the page numbers, and see if Page numbering is selected in the Suppress dialog box.

If you aren’t able to fix your page numbers this way, and weren’t able to locate an earlier version of your document, I would start from scratch, as there may be an issue with the “shell” of your document. To do this, open a new WordPerfect document and copy and paste all of your text from the original document into the new, without any of the associated formatting. Once you have done this, save the document, and apply formatting and insert new page numbers as desired.

I hope this information helps. Hopefully you are able to recover an earlier version of your document. If not, hopefully you will have the tools you need to protect yourself in the future. Good luck!