Recovering Data From A Laptop After Reinstalling The OS

by on January 16, 2008

Q: I have a Mac Powerbook G4, which was running awfully slowly, so I took it into the Mac store and they told me the best thing to do would be to erase and reinstall the operating system. I backed up my info and erased and then reinstalled straight to Leopard but I forgot to properly save my “Stickies.” There was some important information saved there, and I was wondering if there is ANY possible way I can get that info back or if it is lost for good.

A: Unfortunately reinstalling an operating system is a sure fire way to pretty much erase all of your information and make it impossible for others to get at it. This goes for Windows or Mac. Granted there is a slight chance someone could get some information back but you would be talking about a very large bill though and there is no guarantee they would find the information you wanted.

I hate to break the news to you and everyone else that has reinstalled his or her operating system and wants data back but it is highly unlikely anyone could get it back. I do highly suggest anyone that is going to reinstall their operating system go out and buy a USB drive and back their entire hard drive to the USB drive and make it bootable if at all possible. This way if something like this happens where you ever need data you will be able to get at it. Most people just back up what they think they need but everyone forgets about something so backing up the whole drive is the only way to go.