Replacing A CD-ROM In A Dell Dimension Desktop

by on January 21, 2008

Q: I am trying to replace the CD-ROM drive in my friends Dell Dimension 3000 desktop. I am able to take off one side of the case but am unable to take off the other side of the case because it is riveted on instead of screwed on. How can I get to the other side of the drive to remove the screws on that side so that I can take the CD-ROM drive out to replace it with a new one?

A: With the Dimension series from Dell the other side normally does not come off. The trick is that you have to take the front off, unscrew the single screw that holds the CD-ROM in place and then take the drive out the front instead of pulling it back though the case.

Dell has some detailed instructions on how to do this. The instructions have 3 steps that you will want to follow before actually trying to remove the CD-ROM drive. The most important one to look at, which is the step I think you are stuck at, is the 3rd step. It explains how to take the front panel off. This ones is important to read because it will show you where the tabs are and possibly the release lever (not on all models) so that you can take the front off without breaking it.

Best of luck getting the CD-ROM drive out and if anything should happen, like you crack the front panel, explain to your friend that you are sorry and that you did your best you could for free.