Computer Shuts Off After New Hardware Installed

by on January 22, 2008

Q: I have installed a new motherboard (XFX nforce 681i SLI motherboard. I bought a Seagate 400GHz SATA hard drive to install as my second hard drive. I connect the data transfer cable and the power cable. When I power up the machine, all the lights blink and everything shuts down immediately. A friend has said that there is something wrong in the BIOS. Can someone help me to get this second hard drive installed and working properly? I am running Windows XP if that makes a difference on anything.

A: You probably have a short somewhere in your hardware setup or a bad component. Disconnect and reconnect everything and check for any loose cables or bare wires touching the case. Also, see if the system boots up without that new hard drive installed, as it is possible the hard drive came defective.