Booting Up My Computer Takes Forever

by on January 23, 2008

Q: Why does my laptop take so long to boot up? It takes about 5 minutes to boot from switching on!

A: Typically when you encounter a slow boot up time it is a result of there being to many items in your startup folder. When you install a program most of them have the option selected to start at boot up by default and if you do not unselect that option you will begin to accumulate a large number of software programs that launch when the machine boots up thus causing a serious delay in the amount of time it takes to boot up.

I would recommend that you look at your Startup folder, which can be found by going to Start -> All Programs. From here you can right click on each program and select delete. This will not delete the program itself but will stop the program from running at startup and that should help significantly in the performance of your machine.

For more detailed information we suggestion reading How To Stop Programs From Starting Automatically In Windows as it gives a few other options on how to stop these programs from starting as well.