Internet Explorer Open In Full Screen Mode

by on January 24, 2008

Q: How do I get Microsoft IE to open up full screen every time I open it instead of having to always maximize it?

A: In previous versions of Internet Explorer (before version 5) there were options, under Internet Options Tools -> Advanced that allowed you to set the following options.

  1. Launch Channels in the Full Screen Window.
  2. Launch Browser in the Full Screen Window.

Starting with Internet Explorer 5 to the current version of Internet Explorer these options were removed. The way to get this to work now is to make sure you always close Internet Explorer how you want it to open. So if you always want it to open full screen then you have to close it full screen.

Below is a list of ways you can get Internet Explorer in full screen mode.

  1. Open the Internet Explorer and go to “View”. In the “View” menu you will find ‘Full Screen’ option choose that for a full screen mode.
  2. Open the Internet Explorer and then press F11 key for a full screen mode.
  3. You can address the problem even by creating a new button for full screen mode on the Internet Explorer toolbar. In order to create a Full Screen button on the toolbar follow these simple steps:
    1. Right click on the Internet Explorer toolbar and select the Customize option.
    2. Then Under the Available Toolbar Buttons select by clicking Full Screen ->click->Add->click->close.

After doing this close the window. Next time you use Internet Explorer it will start the session in a Full Screen mode.

Have a nice surfing experience. Take care.