Transfering A DOS Program From Windows XP To Vista

by on January 31, 2008

Q: Can I transfer a DOS program from my computer with Windows XP to my laptop with Windows Vista and if so how.?

A: You can definitely transfer a DOS program from Windows XP to Vista system. However, at times transferring various programs from Windows XP operating system to Windows Vista has turned to be a real hassle for some users. You can minimize this complexity by following few simple steps.

To meet the migration requirements Vista is already equipped with “Migration tools”. These tools give you three options for migrating your programs. These are:

  • Network connections
  • Transferable media
  • Migration through CD or DVD

Moreover migration tools are also available in two modes namely; Windows Easy Transfer performs transfer from one computer to another and User State Migration Tool (USMT), facilitates transference from single user to multiple users. Now let us explore the modus operandi of transferring any DOS program from XP to Vista version of Windows applying easy transfer method.

Migrations Applying Windows Easy Transfer – Migration of DOS programs from Windows XP to Vista through WET is done impeccably. First of all WET should be installed to both the computers although most of the Vista installed computers are already equipped with WET. Then connect these two systems through WET cable or by creating the required network connections. After the necessary connections, run the WET program on both the systems. This program will impart the essential guidelines needed for the transference of your DOS program from XP to Vista.
In order to achieve an efficient and non errant transfer, few precautions must be taken. Both the systems should be properly scanned before performing the operation. The functioning of the desired program should be checked thoroughly before transference. Both the computers should have matching configurations to run the program.

Migrations Using CD or DVD – The migration can also be done by using a CD or DVD. The desired program is copied to a CD or DVD from the source computer and then this copied program is reinstalled to the destination computer equipped with Vista. This method also provides you with the backup option, as the original program remains unaltered with the source computer. The disc which is being used shouldn’t be damaged or corrupt. A proper scanning of both the systems and discs should be done before starting the operation.

Dealing with issues running DOS programs on Vista

Users usually complain about the improper functioning of DOS programs on Vista version. You can pacify your computing needs with the programs of your wish by following some necessary guidelines. To begin with, you can access the maximized DOS window, which is often hard to attain in Windows Vista using the following steps

  1. Click on the Start Menu
  2. Move up and click on the Run option
  3. In the run window, key in “cmd” and press Enter

The DOS window will come up. Find the location of your transferred DOS program and execute the .exe file.

In case you have difficulty in running the DOS program in try using the utility called
DOSBox which effectively facilitates the functioning of the DOS program in Vista.

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    Great Site! I just bought an Hp tx2000Zz it has vista.

    I have written lots of programs in Assembly Language under DOS and have many programs which are FAR better than anything available in Windows.

    I was able to get a “Command Line” prompt. Most of the Dos commands are there, but it will not even start any of my .COM programs. ?Any Suggestions?

    I am ready to throw the whole thing in the garbage.