Preventing Boot Camp Disk From Mounting

by on February 1, 2008

Q: I am using Mac OS X Leopard and I would like to know if it is possible to prevent my boot camp disk from being mounted on startup?

A: The problem you are confronted with is generally attributed to the functioning of boot camp in dual mode. As boot camp provides you the option of selecting either operating system (Windows or OS X) to work with, you can disable boot camp by taking it out of the partitioning mode. This can be achieved by removing Windows from it. You can instantaneously reinstall Windows again by using boot camp. Before removing windows you have to check out whether Windows is installed on a second disc partition or a single volume disc.

If it is installed in the latter form then it can be removed by following steps:

Step 1- Start the system

Step 2- Select the option of Boot camp assistant and right click on it.

Step 3- Select erase from the options.

Step 4- Now reformat the computer Mac OS X volume.

Furthermore if Windows is installed in a second disc partition mode then it can be abandoned by following the steps given below:

Step 1- Start up your laptop in Mac OS X mode.

Step 2- Close all the other applications running on it and clear off all the other existing users.

Step 3- Select Boot Camp Assistant from the menu

Step 4- Choose the option of remove or construct Windows partitioning. Select remove Windows partitioning from it and click continue.

Step 5- Choose the option of restoring only to Mac OS partition (single partition) and follow the further instructions.

I hope the above solutions will assist you to counter the problem of mounting of Boot camp disc while starting up.