Laptop Will Not Shut Down Or Restart

by on February 4, 2008

Q: I have a gateway mx6958 laptop that I cannot restart or turn off. I can get to the “Turn Off Computer” screen but nothing happens. I have to unplug the laptop and pull the battery out to shut it off. Any idea what I can do to get it so that I can once again to get the computer to shut down and restart correctly?

A: Hi There, the issue you are experiencing can be on account of both software and hardware malfunction. Proper and systematic shut down is a prerequisite for a smart functioning of any laptop. Failing to achieve a systematic turnoff can cause serious issues in future and it is advisable to backup your data.

This hazard usually has its root in the software part of the system. But seldom it also arises due to hardware malfunctioning. Let us have an insight into some of the main causes of your problem what you can do to resolve them:

1. Just find out whether you opted for a Fast Shut Down feature of the Windows as this complication mainly occur by activating this mode. To deactivate fast shutdown mode, just click on the Tools from accessories menu and there you will find System Configuration Utility (SCU). You can disable the fast shut down mode from SCU. Henceforth you can restart your laptop again.

2. This problem may also arise due to extremely slow speed of your system. Please make sure that your system is operating on an optimum speed to support the various operations of your laptop. You can use the system utilities to free up disk space and clean up temporary folder.

3. You might have installed a corrupted or damaged file which is adversely affecting the operation of the system on a whole. So thoroughly scan your system to eradicate such files from it. Also try starting up the system in Safe Mode and then try to turn it off. If you are able to turn off the system in safe mode then the issue lies with software that you may have installed. Try uninstalling any recently installed software or device driver that may be causing this issue.

4. If all of the above steps fail to resolve the issue, please perform a System Restore to a date when your Laptop used to shutdown properly.

5. If the problem continues to occur even after applying the above methods then your laptop might be in a grip of some hardware complication which is hard to identify from here. In this case it is prudent get your laptop checked by efficient engineers.