What Internet Service Providers Support Torrents?

by on February 7, 2008

Q: I am considering changing Internet providers. The one I am thinking of joining has some details about it. One of them says, “Doesn’t participate in any peering networks “. Does this mean that I cannot use torrents?

A: There are a lot of aspects an individual looks at before selecting an Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from the vast pool of ISPs. Different ISPs have different advantages and constraints attached with them. You should be well aware of the various terms and conditions of an ISP before opting for its services. A proper scanning of the market should be done and the services matching with your surfing habits must be fetched out specifically when you are concerned about using torrents.

To begin with it would be good to understand the concept of peering. Peering is the exchange of traffic among various ISPs across the nation without any predetermined financial settlements. If they do not use any peering networks it does not explicitly mean they do not allow torrents.

Peering, however, does allow a frequent usage of torrents to make your surfing a sheer fun. Torrents are always desirable as they facilitate you to distribute and receive any computer file across the peering networks. Torrents reduce the dependency on the original distributor to attain any file as the previous recipients of the file distribute it in fragmented form. Torrents also abate the financial burden on any individual source to diffuse the data in peering network.

Numbers of ISPs across the world often have problems with operating Torrents. But there are some ISPs that allow the usage of Torrents; the only onus on you is to find out which ISPs. Well here is the all important solution, which will definitely assist you in choosing the most suitable services. Just click on http://www.azureuswiki.com/index.php/Bad_ISPs and you will find all the necessary information about your ISP. The given link provides you a country-wise description of all the noted ISPs. Moreover it will also help you to compare the different features of the providers and make the smartest choice. Simply click to the country of your residence and get familiar with all the required information about your service provider.