New Drive Missing In My Computer

by on February 8, 2008

Q: I am in the process of buying a computer and the guy I am trying to buy it from says that it has 512GB  hard drive but when I went to My computer and clicked on C: Drive it says that it only has 30.1GB. He says that he just put in a larger one and it won’t show up under My Computer. How do I find this “Missing” information? It is a HP running on Windows XP 2000.

A: The first thing I would suggest would be to check the Device Manager to make sure that the drive is showing up there. If you right click on the My Computer icon and select the Hardware tab you should see the Device Manager button.

Select that button and choose the Disk Drives and make sure that the drive is listed there.

I would then double click on the name of the drive and see if the device status shows that it is working properly.

If everything checks out there then I would try the following:

1. Right click My computer and select Manage.

2. Click on Disk Management.

In the right hand window you should see all of your drives with their drive letter.

If you see a drive listed but without a drive letter that is likely to be your “missing” drive. To gain access try the following:

1. Right click the drive and select Change Drive Letter and Paths.

2. Click the Change button.

3. Select a Drive letter and click Ok.

Now check My Computer for the drive.

One Response to “New Drive Missing In My Computer”

    512GB seems like an odd size for a hard drive. It might be possible that the person is just mistaken as well and is referring to the RAM and not the hard drive so you might want to look into that as well.