Safely Removing Temporary Internet Files

by on February 11, 2008

Q: Can I delete all temporary Internet files in IE without causing any problems? If so how do I go about deleting them?

A: Yes it possible to remove Temporary Internet files in Internet Explorer without causing any issues. However, please do make sure that you bookmark any pages that you had recently visited and would like to visit again.

To delete the Internet files, please apply the step by step procedure described below:

  1. To begin with close any Internet Explorer and Window explorer windows that are open
  2. Now click on the Start button and then move up and click on to the Control Panel
  3. Next you need to click twice on the Internet Options windows.
  4. In the window that appears i.e. the General tab locate the Delete files option which is present below the Temporary Internet Files.
  5. Next when the dialog screen appears please be sure to choose the Delete offline content option and then press OK.
  6. Again click Ok to complete the procedure.

Please note that in newer versions of Internet Explorer after you complete Step 3 and reach the General Tab; you will notice a Browsing History option will have a button mentioning Delete. You need to press on this and you will move to a screen allows you to remove your temporary internet files along with many details of your browsing.

One thing that you should be aware of while deleting temporary internet files is that at times files downloaded from website are shown in the Temporary folders leading to a extra consumption of disk space which you may notice. In case you require assistance to remove such files it would be handy to visit Temporary Internet Files Use More Disk Space Than Specified for a detailed resolution of the issue.