Opening A Folder Makes The Desktop Disappear

by on February 14, 2008

Q: I have an HP Presario C700 Notebook with Intel processor running Windows Vista. When I start up the computer I get two error messages that say:

  • c:\Users\Jared\AppData\Local\Temp\efcba.dll
  • c:\Users\Jared\AppData\Local\Temp\ojhlyjuj.dll missing entry:run

Then when I try to open any folder on my computer, it closes right away and the desktop disappears. The only thing I can see is the wallpaper. Then after a few seconds, the desktop comes back. It seems like my computer just won’t let me open folders anymore. Please help me:)

A: I have four things to try and see if this corrects the problem. if you have already tried one or more of these please continue with the next step. I will start with the easiest first to see if it resolves the problem.

1. Try running anti-spyware software like AdAware. Even if you have a similar program installed try this one even if to just run one scan and remove any spyware that is detected. The program is free. Reboot your computer and see if things have improved.

If not lets try lucky number 2.

2. Try running an antivirus program like HouseCall, which will run a free online virus check or your machine and you don’t have to download anything and install. Again, after running this and removing any threats, reboot and see if the situation has improved.

If you are still having problems then lets do a quick backup before you move onto the next step.

Before you move on to the next steps I would go ahead and make a backup of your registry as both of these steps could alter it. To do this, select Start -> Run -> Type regedit in the open box -> click Ok.

Select File -> Export from the top menu bar and save a copy to your desktop.

3. The next step I would try is hijackthis from Trend Micro because I am thinking that your machine has been hijacked. I was having very similar problems not to long ago and this cured it. The only reason I have you try this and not just trust the spyware scan we did above was because the spyware scan I did was not able to detect the issue but Trend Micro did. This is also a free utility. Again, reboot your machine after running this.

If you still have a problem maybe door number 4 will be our lucky door today!

4. The last recommendation would be to run a registry scan and see if that is where the problem resides. I typically use one called Eusing Free Registry Cleaner but you can of course pick what you would like, as there are many out there.

Let us know if you need further assistance and don’t forget to look below to see if any of the related answers have anything that might also help.

3 Responses to “Opening A Folder Makes The Desktop Disappear”

    Thank you for this. I currently have the same problem that started about the same day as this persons post.
    Im now trying to work on solution number 2… but i cant see to get it to start working. is it suppose to take hours for the updating and house call?? I think somthings wrong ive tried to start it three or four times and it just wont… maybe i should move on to step three. I wish the original questioner posted back with what steps worked..


    i have exaclty the same problem, started about a week ago, even my start toolbar disapears from the bottom!
    Im trying step, one, hope this works. If not, what is registry?


    Just wanted to give a follow up. I did up to step 2 and nothing fixed it.
    Originally i did tried doing a restore point and it didnt work, however i wasnt in safe mode.
    After steps 1 and 2 failed above i went ahead and went into safe mode. Problem was solved. I just picked a date before the problem happened and havent had a problem since! ( thank goodness ) Hope that helps!!