Steps To Take When Windows XP Keeps Freezing

by on February 26, 2008

Q: I have a Dell XPS 400 desktop and recently it has started to freezes up for no apparent reason. It is running Windows XP and I have tried everything I could think off including reinstalling windows, but again it froze up during installation. I would really like some help.

A: The first thing I would recommend is to run an anti-virus software program like AVG to make sure that your machine has not been infected. If you are virus free, then I would suggest downloading an anti-spyware program like Ad-Aware. If that is not the problem then the next step would be downloading and installing a free program, called HijackThis.

Unfortunately if none of these solve the problem, and they might not due to the fact that your computer froze during reinstall, then the problem might be related to your hardware in the computer. Maybe the CPU fan is not working anymore causing the computer to over heat and freeze up. Maybe the video card fan is not working anymore causing the computer to over heat and freeze up. So you will want to check all the fans in the system and maybe even try running your computer with the cover off and see if that helps a little bit.

Getting in your computer with a vacuum might even help to get the dust out that seems to always built up inside of a computer causing air to not travel as easily.

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    I heard that the static from your vaccuum could be potentially dangerous to your hardware. Is that true or is using vacuums actually safe?



    Most vacuums have rubber or plastic parts these days and that will not conduct electricity. If you have a vacuum with metal parts then I would worry, specifically the hose from the vacuum that you will be using to actually put near your computer. Other than that you should be fine but as always take all the precautions you can including making sure to backup regularly.