JCarousel Plugin Causing An Infinite Loop

by on March 10, 2008

Q: How do I remove this JCarousel plugin from my computer that causes infinite looping of random bits and pieces of radio on my computer?

A: There are a couple things to try which are outlined below that should help in removing the JCarousel plugin for you:

  1. Have you tried going to Add/Remove programs and deleting the JCarousel?
  2. If it is not listed in Add/Remove programs it could be showing up as spyware/adware so if you don’t have a program to run for this you could try a free program called Adaware or any other spyware/adware removal program.
  3. If you have tried both listed above and they did not remedy the situation try the following:
    1. Go to Start > Run > type services.msc
    2. Scroll through the list and see if there is anything listed referring to jcarousel.
    3. The JCarousel is more than likely set to run automatically. Right-click the JCarousel and select Properties.
    4. A window will appear and you will see under the General tab an option that lists startup type and select Manual or Disable.

One Response to “JCarousel Plugin Causing An Infinite Loop”

    hey guys . . . heres what I did to get rid of this ever so annoying problem- if it just started happening, you should go to your control panel- remove programs- and then sort them by date. I did this and as it turned out the latest installed programs were called . . . thesuperadder . . . or something like that. Uninstalled them all that looked like that and viola! instant fix. hopefully this helps you- as I understand this problem can be pretty situational.