Picture Filename Not Showing Below Icon

by on March 24, 2008

Q: I am helping a friend clean up her picture files on her Windows XP computer and so far it is looking good. We do have an issue though where when we are looking at the folders the names of the folders no longer appear below the folder. If we mouse over the folder we can see the name but that is the only way we can see it. How can we make the names of the folders appear below the folders again?

A: More than likely you are viewing these pictures in the thumbnail view. To fix this select a different view from thumbnail (see directions below on how to change your view). Then press the Shift key while clicking Thumbnails and that should make the file names reappear.

The steps below should assist you in changing the view of a folder in Windows XP:

1. Open the folder containing the files that you want to change the view for.

2. Select View from the toolbar and when that menu expands you will see the options to view that folder such as, thumbnails, tiles, icons, list, and details.

You just need to select another view and it will apply the setting to the files in that folder.

2 Responses to “Picture Filename Not Showing Below Icon”

    i had the same problem i viewed them as thumbnails and the other day i click something and everything went wrong the file names no longer showed under my picture folders i did what you said and it helped but i really wanted the view them as thumbnails as i did before i clicked the wrong button but i doesnt work anymore can i or not?


    hi there is actualy a way to fix this im not sure the reason it does this but i noticed it as well if u have ever held shift and opened the folder the files are in all files in said folder will no longer show names even if u remake the folder with the same name however it is simple to fix just reopen the folder holding shift to open it in a new window after doing this it should go back to normal