Virus Problems And System Restore To Factory Defaults

by on April 3, 2008

Q: I received an IM from yahoo and when i got ‘buzzed’ a virus took over and pretty much messed up my laptop. It disables the task manager when I try to end any tasks and it does not let me go into Symantec, the system32 folder, and I cannot open Mozilla Firefox. It also disrupts file download when I am downloading anti-virus softwares.

I am thinking of restoring the whole system, but [as dumb as it sounds] I do not know what they mean by restore to factory condition. Does this mean, the condition where I first purchase the computer? Along with the OS, and softwares restored?

Please help. I will be forever grateful.

A: I would recommend trying an online scan, perhaps Trend Micro HouseCall and see if you can remove the virus. I have found that sometimes a new program can eliminate a problem that another could not.

As far as restoring your computer, if you choose to use the restoration CD that will restore to the factory defaults, meaning it will be exactly as it was when you first brought the computer home, therefore your data will be gone, all programs you installed will be gone, and the virus would be gone so you can start over from scratch.