How To Dispose Of Old Electronics

by on April 9, 2008

Q: How should I dispose of old electronics? Is there someplace that recycles old computers and parts? (ex. RAM cards, CD-ROM drives, motherboards, keyboards, etc.)

A: I do not know where you are located but you probably want to contact your local recycling centers; you can find them in the yellow pages. We have a recycling company in a town close to us that recycles all electronics (printer, computers, computer parts, stereo equipment, etc). They do charge a fee but their fees are setup per visit so we wait until we have multiple items and then drop them off.

Also for smaller electronics like your MP3 player, cell phone, PDA, and even ink cartridges, the USPS has announced free recycling though the mail. Currently the program is only a beta program with about 1,500 locations taking part but this might still help some people with the smaller items.

One Response to “How To Dispose Of Old Electronics”

    Our local Goodwill accepts electronic equipment. They refurbish and sell it or recycle. There is no fee involved.