Does The Motorola Razr V3xx Support Larger Than 2GB Micro SD Cards

by on April 10, 2008

Q: I just got a Motorola Razr V3xx and while checking out the Motorola website I found out that it can support up to 2GB micro SD cards. I was wondering whether it can take a larger card as well possibly a 4gb?

Submitted By: Shuaib

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    I would not go out and buy a 4GB Micro SD card to try in your phone. If you have one around and you want to give it a shot then you might get lucky and it might work but I have a feeling 2GB is the max you are going to get to work with the Motorola Razr 3Vxx.


    I also haven’t found a SOLID answer to this question, so I bought a 2GB Sandisk card, and my V3i wouldn’t format the card…no dice…

    Today, I tried again, and bought a Lexar 2GB card, and AGAIN, my phone won’t format the card…same issue…

    I’m currently running a 128mb “old” transflash card from 2003 used in my old v710 phone, and it works fine…

    I’m currently searching for more info on getting the 2GB cards to work with my V3i phone…


    i have tried a 4gb micro sd card in a motorola razr v3xx and it works great.


      what brand is it? i really need to know