Free Vs Paid Computer Security Software

by on April 16, 2008

Q: I need to install security software on my Dell 2400 Dimension computer running Windows XP. I am wondering if it is better to free security software or security software that costs money? I am trying to speed up my computer, delete viruses, fix errors, and stop popups. My problem is I believe I find more junk popups when I install “Free Software” so what do you suggest?

A: All the security and protection software that I use is free software and I do not have any trouble with popups. The reason that you are getting the popups and such is more than likely because of the spyware on your computer. Let me give you some selections of free programs that you should download and use. Once you start using them you should no longer have issues with popups.

The first program I would try is called Adaware. They have a free version available so just download and install the program. I would recommend running two full scans in a row just to make sure it catches everything and then delete everything that it catches.

The second free program is an anti-virus program called PC Tools. Download and install this and run a full scan of your entire computer and delete any viruses that it finds.

As far as speed I would recommend the following:

1. Run the scandisk/disk cleanup on your computer.

2. Run a system defragmentation utility on your computer.

Once you have done all of the above you should notice a huge difference.