Trojan And Virus Found On Flash Drive

by on April 17, 2008

Q: I had plugged my flash drive into my computer but I cannot view any folders and the content inside those folders. I had a worm and trojan on the flash and I used an antivirus to clean it but I’m not sure if that’s the reason why I cannot access the folders. I had checked the memory on the flash and it confirms that the folders are there but i just can’t view it. Please help.

A: More than likely the virus that infected your flash drive created a new autorun.inf file. Antivirus software will kill the virus but they do not typically delete the autorun file because the file itself is not a virus. Make sure that the antivirus program found your computer and flash drive virus free before you perform these steps.

The steps below should assist you in deleting the autorun.inf file to fix your problem. Because the autorun.inf file is protected by Windows Operating system you will first have to unhide the file.

1. Open My Computer.

2. Select Tools > Folder Options.

3. Select the View tab.

4. Make sure that the Show hidden files and folder radio button is selected.

5. Uncheck the check box by Hide protected operating system files (recommended).

6. Click Ok.

7. Click Yes to the error message and you will be back at My Computer.

8. Right click on the drive icon from My Computer that you want to remove the autorun.inf file from.

9. Select Open.

10. Select the Browse button and choose to open it with the Explorer.exe file and click Ok.

11. The drive should now be displayed in Windows Explorer and you can delete the autorun.inf file and restart your computer and you should have access to your flash drive.